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Bylaws for

Knight of Saint Anthony MC

in English

Knights of Saint Anthony MF

(MF stands for motorcycle fellowship)

Knights of Saint Anthony is a spiritual motorcycle club based on action coming from love.

KOSA is a 99% family club. with old school rules. We do not claim territory.

We are a community rally around our interest in motorcycles and the lifestyle that goes with it. We are all on the way to the same place - -the good life, filled with love, peace, joy and happiness.

We support each other on this journey. Although you might look a little tough and ride a motorcycle, you can behave and spread joy and love in your surroundings and to your friends. This is not a club for big egos who hang their worth up on external values, large motorcycles and a tough attitude. This is a club with love and respect. No more, no less. We are all equal.

KOSA respect all people. No matter: Skin color. Religion. Gender or sexual orientation.


KOSA started in Denmark as a 3 patch club, September 28th. 2014. Due to the policy of 3 patch clubs in other countries, it was difficult to be approved as a club and at the same time keep our value base intact as a club. therefore, KOSA Norway chose to become a 1 patch club in July 22, 2018. some members were afraid that KOSA Norway would become a club in the club, so KOSA International, in collaboration with, KOSA Denmark and KOSA Sweden, chose that all the entire KOSA NATION went over to 1 patch.

”for us it is our fellowship and unity, that is important. Not what we have on our backs”.

The Celtic Cross.

construction features a traditional cross accentuated with a circle around the intersection of the arms and stem. Subject to many different interpretations, the Celtic Cross is said to be a representation of knowledge, strength and compassion to manage life’s ups and downs. The four arms of the Celtic cross are thought to be representative of the four directions of the compassions, the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and as representation of our mind, soul, body and heart.

The center ring of the Celtic Cross is said to be evocative of the Celtic symbol for infinite love. With no beginning and no end, more precisely, it is a symbolism of god’s endless love.

Why St. Anthony?

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost souls.


KOSA is not a Christian Club, but we have many Christian members. If you believe in a power greater than yourself, you are welcome. whatever you choose to call God, is your choice. We do not expect our members to be perfect or try to be. It will be the same as a death sentence, for those members who are former addicts. we have tried to be God in our lives, and that made us sick. God does not need our help, ha dos it Excelent alone. we seek spiritual growth. not spiritual perfection. our members must ride MC, they do not have to walk on Water.

Family Club?

It is not supposed that KOSA must have first priority in our lives. Personal growth, family, education and work comes before KOSA. If our lives do not work properly, we can not be there for each other. But the club itself may never come first.

12 step program?

KOSA have some members that are in some form of 12 step program. Such as:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous),

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and more..

For these members their personal healing comes before anything else. In KOSA we support our brothers in their healing as best we can. The KOSA's foundation is based on some of the same principles as a 12 step program can offer: humility, love and respect. Not forgetting fellowship and unity. We are brothers and we help each other.


we do not go out and recruit people we let people come to us. it is our experience that it gives the best result. If people from the new countries or states, wish to become a member, it requires minimum 5 people to start a chapter. It is these persons responsibility to seek permission through the respektive channels. of course we meet each other several times before this and ensured that both sides fit together and to be sure that they still want to be a part of us, and we want them in the club. then the probation Will start, minimum one year.

Table of Contents:

§ 1 Conditions for membership. page 3

§ 2 Full patch PILGRIM/BEDOUIN. page 4

§ 3 Prospect. page 5

§ 4 ”Prospecting”. page 5

§ 5 Associate/Esquire member. page 5

§ 6 vests og colours. page 6

§ 7 Chapters Officers and their duties. page 7

- 1 President. page 7

- 2 Vicepresident. page 7

- 3 secretary. page 8

- 4 cashier. page 8

- 5 Sergeant at Arms. page 8

- 6 Road Captains. page 8

- 7 Tail Gunner. page 9

§ 8 Discipling officers. page 9

§ 9 Moving and absence status. page 10

§ 10 Moving chapter. page 10

§ 11 Termination of membership. page 11

§ 12 Exclusion due to Misbehavior. page 11

§ 13 Dividing of the chapter. page 12

§ 14 New chapter. page 12

§ 15 Dissolution of the chapter. page 13

§ 16 Etiquette on the road. page 14

§ 17 Meetings and voting. page 14

§ 18 Permanent disability. page 15

§ 19 Retirement/sick leave. page 16

§ 20 Tattoos. page 17

§ 21 The 1% Rule. page 17

§ 22. Internet use. page 17

§ 23. Police and similar organizations. page 17

§ 24. Firearms. page 17

§ 25. Copyrights. page 17

Appendix to the Baylaws:

1. What a prospect should do – and not do –

when with other clubs. Side 18

2. KOSA member certificate / renounce certificate. Side 20

3. KOSA Agreement for property . Side 21

4. KOSA Program for Chapter Meetings. Side 22

5. KOSA assitional sets of Colors. side 23

6. KOSA club song. Side 24.

7. KOSA Colours on vest.

8. Handsignuls.

§ 1 Conditions for membership.

1. To start as prospect, you must have a driving license for motorbike and a motorcycle of at least 500cc.

2. if a probate or Full Patch loses his license, the member then must reacquire the license within a period of one year. This time limit may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

3. You must be at least 18 years old. without exception.

4. No forms of substance abuse are tolerated. if you are in NA (Narcotics Anonymous), you can not be a prospect if you are still drinking, alcohol is also a drug.

5. We do not drink alcohol when we wear our cut. If some choose to drink alcohol, in other situations, it must be with moderation.

6. A person can only be prospect of a chapter if, after a vote is 100% agreed upon it.

7. A person who has previously worn Full patch in another club or association must have left this club or association in good standing or subsequently acquired good standing before they can be admitted as Prospect of KOSA. The person must not have a relationship in his past that could harm KOSA or likely to damage KOSA at a later date. Failure to inform KOSA previous lifestyle problems or dishonesty about previous lifestyle COULD result in immediate expulsion.

§ 2 Full patch BEDOUIN.

 1. A Bedouin are individuals that fulfill the requirements of brotherhood, but due to personal or former biker lifestyle feel that they can not be part of a chapter - or if there is a chapter within a reasonable distance - can have the privilege to wear colours. Failure to inform KOSA previous lifestyle problems or dishonesty about previous lifestyle COULD result in immediate expulsion.

2. To get bedouin status, you must have read and understood the baylaws.

3. Bedouins refer solely to KOSA's leadership, and comes at one year of probation, which may be extended.

4. Bedouins have no vote in chapter affairs, but can attend meetings, if a chapter wants it.

5. KOSA management reserves the right to request further information from the applicant for Bedouin-status.sker it.

6. Bedouin status may at any time be withdrawn / canceled by KOSA's management.

7. Bedouins must keep monthly contact with KOSA's management to maintain their membership.

§ 3 Prospect.

 1. We have chose to have a prospecting period of at least one year. It’s is our experience that it’s the time it takes to learn how people really know. It can be really boring for both club and member if the member chooses to try out its west and leave the club, or are prompted to do so.

2. If a prospect loses his license, he can not be probate or Fullpach before the license is reacquired.

3. The prospect do not have a vote at meetings. Only Probate and Full Patch. Not prospect.

4. Anyone who is Prospect shall have the sponsor (papi). A Full Patch can help the Prospect with questions and how to behave. It is required that a Full Patch member have read and understoud the bylaws.

5. Prospekt's and probates can not start a new chapter.

6. The As prospect has a probationary period of at least 9 months. Then the vote in chap featured on the member may be probate. If there is a 51% majority therefore continues prospectus as probate for at least 3 months. Then the vote in chap featured on Full Patch status. Again, there should be 51% majority thereof. Prospectus / probate member shall not be present at these polls.

7. If there is no majority for a prospect / probate can continue to probate / Fulpatch, they are voting against giving a reason. Then chap featured help the member to improve. After a month or two make a new poll.

8. There are somae Prospects due to thir preriosly personality or former biker lifestyle not feel that they will be able to undergo Prospect period - but that could be good KOSA members. In such cases, granting a waiver of the rules surrounding Prospects from KOSA's management. These members come in as probates by vote and must abide the baylaws.

9. If a person is presented as a possible Prospect and he is rejected, an individual's sponsor bring the person back up assessment after 90 days. If he also then is rejected, the sponsor may bring the person up again after 6 months. If he also then is rejected that person can no longer be placed for consideration without approval from KOSA's management.

§ 4 ”Prospecting”.

1. Any Full Patch member in good standing have the right to propose a new Prospect in chap-mounted and assume sponsorship for him.

§ 5 Associate/Esquire Member.

1. Must be 18 years or older and is sponsored by a probate or full patch member as a patch's Associate or Associate Chapter. If after a vote by the chap featured are 51% majority vote, therefore, can associate start their trial.

2. Associates/Esquire, must have read and understood the baylaws.

3. A chapter may not have more than 2 Chapter Associates. Each Full Patch member can have only one Patch's Associate. + Children (allowed to be under 18 years) There is no ceiling on the number of Esquires, in a chapter.

4. An Associate/Esquire has no voting rights. Only probate and Full Patch has.

5. Full Patch members are responsible for their Associates behavior. If there is a problem with an Associate Member, they go to their sponsor (full patch member) and shall submit to the problem or to the president.

6. An Associate follows he’s/her’s sponsor / Full Patch. So if a Full Patch leaving the club, so is the associate.

7. A Full Patch can at any time stop its sponsis Associate status and ask her to leave KOSA immediately.

8. Associate/Esquire colours are like all other brands KOSA's property and must be returned when leaving KOSA.

9. Associate is allowed to drive a motorcycle.

10. Associate colors is a round center patch, and bottom rocker with text: Associate. The labels on the front of the vest is club patch, chapter patch, and name patch. No MC patch.

11. Esquire colors are full bag, without mc, and only upper front patches.

§ 6 vests and colours.

1. vest must be cowboy vest (blue) or leather vest (black). Without exception!

2. Only club brands worn on the vest.

3. The club's colors and brands is only for loan purpose. They must be returned if you leave the club.

4. If the club's name or logo is used for other purposes, it must be approved by KOSA's management. This applies for example. At events, flags, T-shirts etc.

5. Black leather vest is allowed to have white borders

§ 7 Chapters Officere and their duties.

1. President:

Shall chair all meetings, unless he is prevented from physical or other important reasons. The president should listen to matters that are relevant to the chap-mounted and advise that they. will be presented at the next meeting. If they do not get, he must present them. The President has the right to exercise discretion with respect to such matters, and may choose not to bring them up. If he considers it detrimental chap deleted or KOSA. The president must make decisions on the spot, if there is no time to bring up a case for the entire chap-assembled. Officers and members must follow these orders without question and only bring their doubt up when they are out of earshot of others. Such cases may be brought up at the next chapter meeting or a special meeting. The President has the right to delegate duties and take final decisions about change of plans for events etc. The president must provide written monthly reports to KOSA's leadership, aboat what going on in chap featured, new members, other clubs in the area, events, etc.

Chapter president is not chap resulted's personal advisor or responsible for carrying out tasks for officers who do not fit their duties. The president is not a dictator. Only a trusted servant. Decisions are the chapters responsibility.

2. Vice President:

Must perform the president's duties in cases where he might be prevented. The Vice President shall perform any duties assigned to him by the President. He is the president's right hand. Therefore, these two officers will be able to communicate and be on good terms with each other. VP to act as a sounding board for the president and to advise him best. VP's second in command, choose this officer with care - so that he can perform these tasks if the need arises.

3. Secretary:

Shall take hotes of all chapter meetings. These are sent to KOSA's management. The Secretary must keep track of which people have become members, and when exploration and probate period expires. The Secretary must make a copy of driver's license and insurance / policy from all members. Before driving season begins. The secretary is the third in command line, then please select this officer with care.

4. Treasurer. 

must raise money, and ensure that money is used where they are needed. These may include: gathering for celebration, common trip for printing t-shirts, a brother in need, etc.

5. Sergeant at Arms:

• Is responsible for law and order at chapter meetings and events.

• Assisting the President in solving chapter questions

• Assisting chapter in refuting colors and KOSA's property, when necessary

• Responsible for the safety of chapter functions and meetings when necessary.

• Maintains all safety equipment in good working order.

• Reports chapter problems and discord to the president.

• Maintain public behavior (words aswell as action) and report irregularities to the president before he initiates corrective action.

If the President is absent, he should contact the VP. If neither is present, he should handle the situation after own terms and inform the president subsequently. Sergeant at Arms is not a hitman or a police officer.

6. Road Captains:

Each chapter can have 2 Road Captains depending on chap resulted's size and need for shared runs. Their duties are to keep the runs and events organized and make sure they run smoothly. Road Captains are responsible for checking the safety of motorcycles and monitoring of vehicles before driving. If this is not in order, he must ensure that they will be repaired or removed from the column. Road Captains Ensures good understanding of motorcycle safety and traffic rules. Road Captains will need to have basic knowledge of motorcycles and mechanics. Road Captains Must inform all drivers of motorcycles and monitoring of vehicles on itineraries and stops before the ride begins. Road Captains serve as the Road Blocker (keep in mind that the road blocking is illegal in Denmark.) If a chapter does not have a Road Captain, the President shall appoint an interim Road Captain or assume the overall task itself. Must instruct all participants on the proper method of column-driving. Road captains are not leaders of the column, that responsibility lies with the President.

7. Tail Gunner:

run always at the back of a column, and make sure everyone is included. During the runs, if a person in the column has an engien fail. Its the Tail Gunner's job to bee with the person until a solution to the problem has been found. Remember: we never leave anyone alone! During regular column drive if there is engine failure or like. The Tail Gunner must ensure that the entire column stops. This can be done by running up in front and make signs of stoping.

8. In December there is an Election regarding all the officers post in the chapter. This does not include the mother chapter, where the management of KOSA is located.

9. Officers are there to carry out certain tasks. They are helping to make it all run. They are no more than others, even if they have little more to say. An officer must be a humble servant.

10. All chapter officers are subject ed to the chapter president.

11. All chapter officers must be either Full Patch Member’s or Full Patch probate’s.

12. It is not nessecary for Officers to be changed annually. If they do a good job, it would be natural to re-elect them.

13. When a chapter president is elected, the chap featured take into consideration that the chapter president will be the communication link between the chap-mounted and MC clubs in the area. Chapters Presented should keep in mind that in such communication should be exercised trust, respect and honor

14. National and international officers, and regional representatives can be appointed only by KOSA's management.

§ 8 Disciplining officers.

1. If an officer is not fulfilling his mission as described in the Bylaws, the chap featured present this to the officer during a chapter meeting. If the atrocious conditions are not remedied within 30 days, the officer is released from their positions of trust by a vote with a 75% majority. Such degradation affects only the member's officer status, not the status of a full patch member.

§ 9 Moving and absence status.

1. If a Full Patch member moves, he has the choice to remain a part of his previous chapter, forming a new chapter, or join the chapter that is closest to his new residence. If the member chooses to remain in his previous chapter, he is obliged to comply with the bylaws against this chapter. If the member is an officer he will not retain his officer post. This does not apply if the transfer is a transfer of a chapter.

2. If a member wishes to move from a chapter because of bad-will and personal conflict, these issues are resolved and the member must be able to leave his original chapter without "skeletons in the closet". A member may only use this option 2 times and may be denied the transfer of KOSA's management if special circumstances warrant it.

3. Any shift from chapter to chapter has to be clarified with the original chapter. This is to avoid conflicts between chap’s within.

4. If a member changes chapter he will not have to undergo Prospect- process again unless he is Prospect when he leaves his previous chapter, in which case he will continue as Prospect in its new chapter. Prospect will transfer its stage of Prospect- course, as he is, to his new chapter.

5. A chapter is not forced to accept a transferred member. This must be adopted by a vote of 51% majority.

6. If a member applies for relocation to another chapter, he will retain his membership in his original chapter for a month and the member's chapter is responsible for making a smooth transfer. This is to ensure that members traveling without KOSA's management knows their whereabouts and / or status.

7. If a Probate want to move, it can not happen before the trial period is over.

8. KOSA's management must be informed within a month of a member's relocation.

9. if a member moves, it is his duty to tell KOSA NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL.

§ 10 Moving chapter.

1. If a chapter wants to move, the chapter most apply for permission to do so by KOSA's management.

§ 11 Termination of membership.

1. If a member wishes to withdraw from KOSA, they must return their colors and brands.

2. A member may also choose to surrender the vest to the chap featured. In this case, the chap featured keep the vest for 60 days. If the member wishes to resign in chap-assembled, he can do it the same status as before, if 51% of the chap featured votes for him to come back. If not 51% majority vote can be achieved membership terminates.

3. An ex-member can not be prospecting again without permission from the management.

4. The above option is only available once for a member. If a member has once left the

organization and returned again, this may not be repeated.

5. If an officer has left the club and choose to come back, he can not get back in his chapter as an officer, unless there is a 51% majority in favor of it.

6. If a member who is about to retire makes lose of derogatory or defamatory statements about members or organism Commission as a whole and this can be proven, the content of this text is withoat effect at all. Such a person is expelled from the organization immediately without further / future membership privileges.

7. If a person has left KOSA twice, of a combination of reasons. Then he/her cannot join the organization again without permission from management.

8. If a member wants to leave the club for another club it must first go through KOSA's management. By doing so, is to avoid a bad atmosphere between KOSA and the club, the member chooses to join.

§ 12 Exclusion due to Misbehavior.

Section 1 Definitions of misbehavior.

1. Refusal to comply with statutes or is rude to officers or other members.

2. Speaking deliberately disparage of other members or clubs.

3. engage in fraternization, which causes a rift in chap featured.

4. Any other bad behavior which are unacceptable by the members in general. (This section is for special circumstances not covered by other indications of misconduct and not as a tool to witch hunt., It is necessary to discuss the given misconduct carefully before voting on exclusion.)

5. Stealing from members or from events.

6. Deal with illegal activities, for example. Selling, drugs, robbery, theft, etc..

7. Falsify information or lying about bringing a prospect. Information about vehicle, driver's license, etc.

Section 2 Procedure for misbehavior:

1. If a member has been reported across chap-assembled for bad behavior, the chap featured first discuss the problem with that member. If the chap featured then by a vote of 51% majority vote, decides that this is bad behavior, the member will be excluded or move back into the prospectus status.

2. In mild cases it may be put to the ”test status” in 30 days. At the next meeting the member will be inserted in its previous status if he were satisfactorily directed his behavior. However, if there has not been satisfactory correction location of the person's behavior, then section 1 above is at effect.

§ 13 Dividing of the chapter.

1. When a chapter agree to divide up of one or more possible causes, such as a significant number of disagreements, the division discussed with KOSA's leadership to help ensure that the division is done in a smooth and amicable way. New chapter status must be approved by KOSA's management.

2. If necessary, one from KOSA's management lead the negotiations and / or arrange a smooth transition.

3. New chapter number is determined by KOSA's management.

4. For dividing a chapter, there must be a sufficient number of members to make at least two mini-chapter (a mini-chapter is 3.)

§ 14 New chapter.

1. In the formation of a new chapter comes all members in the test conditions. Newly formed chap on is on trial facing KOSA's management for a period of one year. This may be extended if KOSA's management deems it necessary.

2. If it is geographically possible, a newly established chapter can be assigned a different chapter or a person from KOSA's leadership, which is well inside the statutes and daily life in a chapter to advise and guide about the problems that may arise in connection with the creation and maintenance of a chapter in the trial. President of the sister-chapter or person from KOSA's management has the right to attend to meetings of the sample chap-mounted and participate in its work.

3. New members in a chapter on probation may be required to complete their prospectus period in another chapter. Test chap featured will be detached and operate as a separate chapter when KOSA's management considers that they have acquired the knowledge necessary to function as an independent chapter.

4. One chapter consists of 5 Full Patch members exclusive Prospects and probates. To form a chapter be five people who meet the membership criteria, contact KOSA's leadership and apply for chapter status.

5. Mini-chapter status may be authorized by KOSA's management for a minimum of 3 persons who want’s to start a new chapter. The three persons are then president, vice president and secretary. Mini chapter has 12 months to build a full chapter. The time may be extended by KOSA's management.

§ 15 Dissolution of the chapter.

1. A chapter may be dissolved by KOSA's management due misbehavior in accordance with the guidelines for members in a chapter. A chapter will first receive a written warning from KOSA's management and have 30 days to correct the failings. Outside this period the chap featured present evidence against KOSA's leadership, the critical aspects are satisfactorily resolved. Otherwise, the chapter will be dissolved. In exceptional circumstances, the chap featured can apply for 30-day extension of this deadline.

2. A chapter may choose to disband. Before this, the chap featured notify KOSA's management on the intention of dissolving the chap featured. A decision on the dissolution of a chapter requires a vote by all members has been 75% majority vote for the resolution.

3. When a chapter is dissolved, all chapter funds, written materials, property, etc. Is transferred to KOSA's management.

§ 16 Etiquette on the road.

1. All of the area's current speed and safety laws and regulations to be observed in runs and calls for their instantly whenever and wherever members in road traffic in colors or representing KOSA.

2. Hand signals may be used in the runs in addition to the vehicles own signal means.

3. beveled glass formation (staggered column) on all runs. KOSA wont allow driving side by side, neither on runs or when KOSA members followed. Violation of this can result in expulsion.

4. Road Captains are responsible at the beginning of each run, to review the rules and expectations for the run.

5. Road Captains must report to the president on all that is not secure or experienced column drive. Such drires can be asked to leave the column, with due regard to we NEVER leave anyone alone by the roadside.

§ 17 Meetings and voting.

1. Chapter's annual meeting held in December, no later. 15th On this occasion elections to the officers. The vote must be held by secret ballot, ie by written or other secret ballot form. The new officers take office’s on January 1st. Other chapter activities can be held at the same time, official and social.

2. Parent-chap-assembled where KOSA's leadership is, there will be no choice about officer positions.

3. Chapter's officers have the right to convene a closed meeting with the full patch members and probates when they deem it necessary.

4. For a chapter meeting to be valid, a quorum of members most be present. A quorum is equivalent to a minimum of 51% of the voting members and there must be at least two officers present. If the number of members in a chapter not make this possible, it is acceptable that only one officer is present.

5. Majority achieved by 51% of the votes cast.

6. Special meetings may be called to address questions that can not wait until the next monthly meeting. Do not propose new members during such meetings. Nor should existing members be voted out or subjected to a vote due misbehavior, etc. For such meetings, all members meeting, not just officers.

7. KOSA’s management reserves the right to attend to chapter meetings and participate in discussion and voting. National officers may be asked to attend to meetings of other chapters and vote for KOSA's management's behalf as directed by this.

8. KOSA’s management reserves the right to convene and lead a chapter meeting or appoint a representative to deal with issues relating to that chapter or KOSA as a whole.

9. Democratic approach should be used at all meetings.

10. Prospects are allowed to attend chapter meetings. But can not vote.

11. The President has the right to request that a meeting is only held for participants of full patch members.

§ 18 Permanent disability.

1. In cases where a member is permanently incapacitated that member retain his rights in a chapter and to wear their colors, provided that the member continues to comply with the bylaws, except the rules relating to own and ride a motorcycle and participate in running activities. Permanent disability is verified by the officers of the related member's chapter, to insurer KOSA's leadership that the member is anable to participate in MC related events, and/or riding a bike. Where the member is running MC outside KOSA, a status which permanently crippled could not be granted.

2. Invalideret members may well be officers, and can still vote.

3. If a chapter considers that a member's disability prevents his or her judgment the chapter featured may by a 51% majority of votes involve the member's right to participate in events at the MC.

§ 19 Retirement, sick leave.

1. A member which has been in good standing for over 10 years are eligible to apply for retirement and keep their colors.

2. The member's chapter should allow retirement with 51% voting majority of all full patch members. The retirement must then be sanctioned by KOSA's management.

3. Colors remain KOSA's property, from the chapter, the member retires from are obleiged to keep KOSA's management informed about the retired member's address and phone number. Colors can be revoked at any time after KOSA management's decision.

4. Retired members are entitled to reinstatement as active members once and can then retire again.

5. Retired members who return to active status starts as a regular full patch. If the chap featured wishes, it may, however, start as an officer, if the vote is a 51% majority for it.

6. Retired members will not receive future patches as 15,20, etc. Years patches. This can only be achiered by active membership.

7. A member who has been injured or suffer from a serious illness that prevents them from complying with the statute requirements have the opportunity to apply for sick leave and remain on leave for up to 1 year. Sick leave may be granted by a 75% majority vote of chapterets members. At the end of 1 year of sick leave session, the situation will be re-considered by the chap featured. An extension may be granted on the basis of a medical status to the chapter featured. Another 6-month extension may be granted. After that time, the member must request the status of permanent disability from running MC.

8. Such a member is exempt from activities which they can participate in and retain their full membership with all rights.

§ 21 Tattoos.

1. No members must get tattoos with KOSA name or logo, before they have been a member for over 3 years.

2. KOSA back patch can be tattooed on your back when you have reached 10 years of membership.

3. In the event that the member leaves KOSA. should this date be tattooed beneath all KOSA tattoos. For example, "Out 22/10-2015".

4. KOSA international and national officers, have the right to get club tattoos.

& 22 The 1% Rule.

1. KOSA as an organization do not come to parties where there is only 1% clubs present. unless the club you are invited.

2. KOSA members do not come in 1% clubs clubhouses. If you know some one there. you come as a private person. Not as KOSA member. And not with colors on. unless the club you are invited.

3. KOSA is a 100% neutral club. KOSA has some members with a past in different 1% clubs, therefore we can never take sides. With our Christian values, we can not turn our backs on anyone who seeks our help, so it is important that KOSA always be neutral. This is a delicate balance that must be respected always. If someone breaks this rule, it is that person's own opinion, and not KOSA's. Therefore, such individuals can no longer be part of the KOSA nation.

4. It is forbidden to have taken comradely pictures along with 1% club members, with colors. If you have any doubts don't.

5. Violations of just one of the 1% rules may result in immediate ejection of KOSA. We do not want KOSA to suffer the same fate as "The Fifth Chapter" in the United States. Therefore KOSA's management very strict with these rules.

§ 22. Internet use.

1. Only international officers may create pages / Groups on the internet, and facebook.

§ 23. Police and similar organizations.

1. KOSA does not endorse or cooperate with any police or similar organizations. or participate in events held by this kind of organizations.

§ 24. firearms.

1. full patch members and prospect. Do not carry firearms when they are warring collors.

KOSA's are not a 1% Club. it's okay to have firearms in outings or saddle bags, if these are properly secured.

§ 25. Copyrights.

1. no one is entitled to use KOSA nation's motives or logo without having permission from KOSA INTERNATIONAL.

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