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MOSA WRC (Woman Rider Club)

  1.  MOSA is the female part of KOSA NATION. There are two types of membership. active and passive.
  2. Passive membership is for boyfriends and wives who want to support their partner and the community / family which is KOSA NATION.
  3.  Active membership is for those who would like to have a chapter themselves.
  4.  MOSA passive and active members must follow KOSA NATION bylaws. MOSA has the same bylaws as KOSA plus what is described here.
  5. MOSA passive and active members can attend KOSA chapter meetings. MOSA active members can - if they are enough to make a chapter (3-5 people) - also hold their own meetings if they wish. Just like the KOSA chapter they can choose a cause that they can support if they want to, such as homeless, addicts or orphanages and more.
  6. MOSA passive and active members are not required to have a motorcycle or driving license for this.
  7.  Each MOSA president is responsible for their chapter.
  8.  If a MOSA does not comply with KOSA NATION bylaws, they will be shut down by KOSA NATION International, just as a KOSA chapter will.
  9. KOSA NATION International is responsible for appointing all MOSA National and International officers. However, there are no international records at present.
  10. During voting for KOSA meetings, everyone will be heard and everyone's opinions taken into account., This also applies to MOSA members, prospectuses and hangaronds. We are a big family. In special cases where the votes may be divided, the president or the chapter may decide that only fullpatch members may vote. This will then not apply to MOSA passive members and MOSA active members who themselves have a chapter. However, this is only in special cases, and the opinion of all persons must still be heard and taken into account by those who vote.
  11. MOSA Members have the same chapter number on their vest, as the KOSA chapter they are associated with.
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