Klik her for at redigere underoverskriften.

MOSA WRC (Woman Rider Club)

MOSA MC - Maidens of Saint Anthony, is is a Rider Club for women under KOSA MC, and part of THE KOSA NATION. Some female members are in some kind of 12-step program, but it is not a requirement, for membership.
1. all MOSA members must comply with KOSA bylaws
2. each MOSA chapter, act like any other chapter in the KOSA NATION.
3. each MOSA prisident is responsible for her chapter....
5. if a MOSA chapter does not comply with KOSA's bylaws, they will be closed down by KOSA international.
6. KOSA international appoint national officers in MOSA.
7. MOSA has no international officers because
they are under THE KOSA NATION.