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Our soul purpose is to spread love, joy and help when life becomes too difficult to cope with alone.

Knights of Saint Anthony MF

(MF stands for motorcycle fellowship)

Knights of Saint Anthony is a spiritual motorcycle club based on action coming from love.

KOSA is a 99% family club. with old school rules. We do not claim territory.

We are a community rally around our interest in motorcycles and the lifestyle that goes with it. We are all on the way to the same place 

- the good life, filled with love, peace, joy and happiness.

We support each other on this journey. Although you might look a little tough and ride a motorcycle, you can behave and spread joy and love in your surroundings and to your friends. This is not a club for big egos who hang their worth up on external values, large motorcycles and a tough attitude. This is a club with love and respect. No more, no less. We are all equal.

KOSA respect all people. No matter: Skin color. Religion. Gender or sexual orientation.


KOSA started in Denmark as a 3 patch club, September 28th. 2014. Due to the policy of 3 patch clubs in other countries, it was difficult to be approved as a club and at the same time keep our value base intact as a club. therefore, KOSA Norway chose to become a 1 patch club in July 22, 2018. some members were afraid that KOSA Norway would become a club in the club, so KOSA International, in collaboration with, KOSA Denmark and KOSA Sweden, chose that all the entire KOSA NATION went over to 1 patch.

”for us it is our fellowship and unity, that is important. Not what we have on our backs”.

Why St. Anthony?

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost souls.


KOSA is not a Christian Club, but we have many Christian members. If you believe in a power greater than yourself, you are welcome. whatever you choose to call God, is your choice. We do not expect our members to be perfect or try to be. It will be the same as a death sentence, for those members who are former addicts. we have tried to be God in our lives, and that made us sick. God does not need our help, ha dos it Excelent alone. we seek spiritual growth. not spiritual perfection. our members must ride MC, they do not have to walk on Water.

Family Club?

It is not supposed that KOSA must have first priority in our lives. Personal growth, family, education and work comes before KOSA. If our lives do not work properly, we can not be there for each other. But the club itself may never come first.

12 step program?

KOSA have some members that are in some form of 12 step program. Such as:

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous),

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and more..

For these members their personal healing comes before anything else. In KOSA we support our brothers in their healing as best we can. The KOSA's foundation is based on some of the same principles as a 12 step program can offer: humility, love and respect. Not forgetting fellowship and unity. We are brothers and we help each other.


we do not go out and recruit people we let people come to us. it is our experience that it gives the best result. If people from the new countries or states, wish to become a member, it requires minimum 5 people to start a chapter. It is these persons responsibility to seek permission through the respektive channels. of course we meet each other several times before this and ensured that both sides fit together and to be sure that they still want to be a part of us, and we want them in the club. then the probation Will start, minimum one year.

other pages on facebook:

Knights of saint Anthony MF Danmark

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Knights of saint Anthony MF England

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MOSA WRC (Woman Rider Club)

KOSA NATION is a forum where friends and members share everything.

all our bylaws can be found on our webpage. we have nothing to hide. GBL&R

KOSA NATION is our blog on facebook, where we and our friends, spreads love and joy all over the world.




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